Had enough Season for Temptation giveaways yet, or are you HUNGRY FOR MORE?

“Hungry” is actually a very apt word for this week’s guest blog tour stops, since I somehow accidentally wound up writing about food three times.  These posts were arranged in three different months and written in three different weeks,  so I think our takeaway from this is simply: geez, I’m always hungry.

The first foodie post is up at Romance Bandits, where we’re talking about awkward or memorable moments at mealtimes. This giveaway will close later today, so stop by soon!

The second foodie post is up at the blog of bestselling author Kieran Kramer. We’re focusing on tea, sympathy, and shenanigans. I’m offering a book; Kieran’s offering so many delicious teatime treats. Seriously yummy. I’m thinking about putting a hat and mustache on my gravatar and commenting as Zorro, just so I can have a chance to win. (Note: if “Zorro” wins all the cookies, it wasn’t me.)

The last foodie post will go up tomorrow at the Romance Dish, where I’ll talk about the moods that can be set by meals in books. Sometimes food is a backdrop (not literally) (well, maybe) for romance. Sometimes it’s very much…not. SEASON FOR TEMPTATION has lots of food scenes in it, so we’ll have some fun with this.

The blog tour will continue next week, too! I think I actually WON’T be posting about food anymore, which means there won’t be any thematic unity to the blog tour as a whole.

But you and I know: I’m still hungry.