So. I have some things to tell you.

First of all, I’ll be taking part in two blog parties next month! I’m really delighted to be in such great company. Check it out:

1. With fellow historical romance authors Victoria Alexander, Grace Burrowes, and Vanessa Kelly, I’m running the “Romancing the Holidays” event. We’ll be hosted by the awesome ladies of The Romance Dish all day on November 30, and we’ll be offering festive posts and giveaways galore. To be eligible for prizes, stop by and sign up before November 30. Bonus? There’s a “giving back” element to this event: you can sign up your favorite library or shelter for a chance at a box of donated books.

2. With eleven other romance authors, I’m joining the “Twelve Days of Romance” feature on Happy Ever After, USA Today’s romance blog. Each weekday from November 5-20, an author will chat about favorite Christmas stories and offer a holiday book giveaway (plus a bonus giveaway!).

Look at the lineup of authors and giveaways planned:

Nov. 5 – Molly O’Keefe (All I Want for Christmas Is You, in the anthology Naughty and Nice, out Nov. 5)
Nov. 6 – Robyn Carr (My Kind of Christmas: A Virgin River Novel, out Oct. 23)
Nov. 7 – Leah Braemel (I Need You for Christmas in the Carina Press Red Hot Holiday Anthology, out Dec. 3)
Nov. 8 – Cari Quinn
Nov. 9 – K A Mitchell (Wish List in the Carina Press Red Hot Holiday Anthology, out Dec. 3)
Nov. 12 – Ruthie Knox (Room at the Inn in the anthology Naughty and Nice, out Nov. 5)
Nov. 13 – Jaci Burton (The Best Thing in the anthology Romancing the Holiday, out Dec. 3)
Nov. 14 –  Anne Calhoun (Breath on Embers in the Carina Press Red Hot Holiday Anthology, out Dec. 3)
Nov. 15 – Theresa Romain (Season for Surrender, out Oct. 2)
Nov. 16 – Samantha Hunter (Hers for the Holidays, out Nov. 13)
Nov. 19 – Stefanie Sloane (One Perfect Christmas in the anthology Naughty and Nice, out Nov. 5)
Nov. 20 – Jill Shalvis (Under the Mistletoe: A Lucky Harbor Novella, out Dec. 3)

I’m not sure how I sneaked into these two events (pleading? eyelash-batting?), but I’m totally honored. Hope you’ll stop by The Romance Dish and Happy Ever After next month to check out all the posts!

Oh—I’ve got a little more news, too. Go look here: 😀

More info coming soon!