If you read this post, or recall hearing my shriek of delight through the ether, you know that SEASON FOR SURRENDER was chosen as the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books November pick for the Sizzling Book Club. Not to be undignified about the matter, but: squee!

The book club has a monthly text chat about the chosen title; this month it’ll happen on November 27.  Hostess extraordinaire Sarah has some sort of text-chatting software wizardry that runs on the SBTB home page, so it’s easy to hop in and comment at any point.

The chat will start at 9 pm ET (here’s a calendar link!), and I’ll join in at 10 ET. I’m going to start trying to think of intelligent things to say, but in case I can’t, please feel free to ask me a question during the chat. Whether or not it has anything to do with SEASON FOR SURRENDER is up to you.

Thus the smart, trashy, and sizzling parts of the blog title. How about the giveaway part? That is happening starting today. Thanks to the goodness of my publisher, Kensington, and to Sarah herself, there’s a giveaway going on at SBTB. Five print copies and five digital copies of SEASON FOR SURRENDER are up for grabs. The giveaway closes this Friday at noon ET. Or if you want a sure thing, you can also get a half-price digital copy (three bucks!) at AllRomance until November 15; that’s a special SBTB rebate.

Even if you’ve already got the book, stop by to check out Sarah’s giveaway post, because her disclaimers are always a hoot and a half. (I measured that carefully.) Hope to see you at the chat on November 27!