Hey, everyone! I’m working with the talented Britt Bradley to give this website a little facelift. So far all the changes are behind the scenes, but sometime within the next month or two, you’ll see a new layout that will make it easier to navigate. If you visit the site from a mobile phone, you’ll see the biggest change; the site will be responsive for every size of screen. Livin’ in the future!

I put out a call to readers as to what they’d like to see on the new site, and as a result I’ll be adding a printable booklist and a dedicated “Coming Soon” page. I’ll also use this blog to keep you updated with announcements, instead of plunking everything onto a News page. Other recommendations? Please let me know!

So, that’s what’s in the works. For now, you can find what’s next on the Books page. There’s only a quick list by release month, but you can bet I’ll be adding more info as soon as I have it.

One thing that won’t change about the website for the time being is the monthly (ish) contest. I like running book giveaways, and you guys seem to like them too. 🙂 I had some fun with this month’s theme, pulling “lady” historicals from my giveaway stash. Season for Desire is also included because it’s got several different plot threads that give a Lady-with-a-capital-L a HEA. Entry is on the Contest page, as always, so click on over there to submit yours.

Happy spring, and happy reading!

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