Dear readers, if you peek over at the Contest page of this site, you’ll see that the October contest is listed as the last of its kind. You might be wondering why, so–here goes!

One reason is that I’ve been struggling with some health issues for a while. Nothing dire, but I don’t have a lot of energy. To finish up some books earlier this year, I had to step back from social media for a month–and darn it, I missed you guys so much. Since I manage my website myself, cutting out the monthly contests is one way to reclaim some time without losing the chance to talk to you all–and talking to readers is such a fun part of being a writer, I never want to lose that.

The other reason is related to being able to talk to you all. When I first started running monthly contests on this site, back in days of yore (ok, 2010), I didn’t have a dedicated contest page. Giveaways ran on my blog, and I saw every comment and was able to reply to you all. With the current contest format, entries are simple. Which is nice, of course! But it doesn’t give me a chance to interact with you all, to find out what you think about the giveaway or what you like about certain themes or what you’re looking forward to reading next. (And we all know, one of the great pleasures about being a bookaholic is recommending favorites to fellow book addicts.)

So, the October contest is big and beautiful, and once it’s over, that page of my site will be retired. I hope you’ll sign up for my newsletter to get all the news in future, and that you’ll find me on Facebook and Twitter. Because this won’t be the end of my book giveaways, by any means! Giveaways are just too much fun. I’ll keep running them on social media, where we all get to chat as we go. And maybe they’ll even pop up on the blog sometimes, just like the old times of 2010.

If you have other ideas about what you’d like to see in giveaways, let me know! After all, they’re for you. 🙂