Mrs. Booth’s Christmas Pie

In my fourth Holiday Pleasures romance, Season for Desire, the characters encounter a Christmas pie like none they’ve ever eaten. Made by a Yorkshire innkeeper’s wife, it’s described as “five kinds of bird stuffed wi’in each other, all inside the tastiest crust you can imagine. Oh, and there’s a rabbit in there too.”

“Turducken Gone Wild” might seem like an apt name for this recipe, but in fact it’s simply called a Yorkshire Christmas Pie. And I didn’t make up the dish; I pulled the description of it from a 1788 cookbook called The English Art of Cookery. The book is in the public domain, so if you’re interested in historic recipes, you can get a free ebook here. Mrs. Booth’s Christmas pie recipe appears on page 410.

Yorkshire Christmas pie recipe

Did you count the pounds of butter involved? This recipe must be meant to serve a huge number of people. Mrs. Booth’s Christmas gathering is small, so you can rest assured that her guests got their fill of this Regency-style “Turducken Gone Wild.”