Lady Rogue is being reissued today, and I’m so excited to make Callum and Isabel’s story available to you again! If you’ve read it before, this reissue is the same love story. It’s just received a polish since its original release.

In this book, Lady Isabel Morrow needs to switch a forged painting for a genuine one in order to avert a scandal that would destroy her ward’s prospects. She has to carry out the swap in secret because, again, possible scandal. Who better to ask for help than Callum Jenks, the Bow Street Runner that once investigated Isabel’s husband’s death? (And with whom she had a tryst some months later at Vauxhall Gardens…)

Callum has never forgotten Isabel, but he lives by an ironclad moral code. The aftermath of a family tragedy has him rethinking his loyalties, though, and he agrees to carry out a heist with Isabel. They plan together, they work together, they enjoy each other’s company so much. But they live in such different worlds that their partnership can only be temporary…right?

Of course not right. They’ll get their HEA. 🙂 I hope you enjoy seeing how it happens! Lady Rogue is currently available as a paperback and ebook. An audio edition is forthcoming too, though I don’t yet have a release date.

Ebook: amazonapplebarnes & noblekobo

Print: amazon

Coming next: a November box set of the Holiday Pleasures series and a January reissue of the final Royal Rewards title, Lady Notorious. More details soon!