Hey everyone! I’m happy to announce that the novella Desperately Seeking Scandal is available again! This first appeared in the collection The Duke’s Bridle Path, which Grace Burrowes and I wrote last year but which has since been retired. For a while, you haven’t been able to get Ada and Colin’s story, but now it’s at all your favorite ebook retailers.

This was a fun one to write, with a fake relationship, an advice column, and a touch of enemies-to-lovers seductiveness. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it! Of course, if you’ve read The Duke’s Bridle Path, you’ve already got this story, but I won’t protest if you want to get it again for the reissue’s gorgeous cover art.

Coming soon for you, I’ve got a brand-new story! Shana Galen and I are cooking up a Regency duo called Mrs. Brodie’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies. It will be coming your way this September and though it isn’t yet up for pre-order, we’ve got lovely cover art to share.

Shana’s story links into her Survivors series, and mine connects to my Romance of the Turf series. We’re excited to tell you more soon!

But wait, is there more cover art to share? Why, yes. Yes, there is. My most recent release, Lady Rogue, continues the Royal Rewards series, and I recently completed revisions on its follow-up. Lady Notorious, out at the end of next February, tells the story of unofficial Bow Street Runner Cass Benton and blithe ducal heir George, Lord Northbrook.

The book features early photographic experiments, a tontine, dog training, secret identities, and a secondary romance I truly loved writing. You can find lots of pre-order links here. And check out the cover art, which does a great job capturing the book’s mystery and Cass’s sense of mischief.

Isn’t that lovely? I got the first look at the cover art while I was still writing the book, and I was able to put that scene–including the gorgeous blue gown–into the story.

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