Summer is flying by! I can’t believe it’s already the last day of July. Here’s what’s happened this month:

*My brother’s family moved halfway across the country, and we road-tripped to help them unpack.

*I enrolled Little Miss R for middle school (sob!).

*She had 2340983409 playdates with friends while I continued revising His Wayward Bride based on 9 sets of feedback (only one of those numbers is an exaggeration).

*I joined historical fiction author Julia Kelly and her sister Justine for a very fun episode of their book-recommendation podcast, You’re Never Going to Read This.

There’s just a smidge left of summer for us, and I’m planning to spend it offline. Little Miss R will be starting at a new school, and we’ve got a lot to do to get ready for the year. I’m also working on finishing His Wayward Bride for an October release, and I’d like to get The Sport of Baronets ready for reissue in September.

So, I’ll see you after Labor Day! Hope all is well with you, and that your summer–or winter, if you’re in the southern half of our beautiful world–has been a happy season with many great books.