The November 5 release day for His Wayward Bride is a mere eight days away! The books are being formatted as I write this, and a digital edition will be out next Tuesday. The print edition always seems to take a bit longer, but I hope to have it to you the following week.

To celebrate the release of His Wayward Bride, I’ll be visiting Vanessa Kelly’s Clan Kendrick Facebook group on November 6. And the following Wednesday, November 13, my Facebook group will have a book club discussion of Sarah MacLean’s Brazen and the Beast. For both days, expect fun chat and lots of giveaways—hope to see you there!

This month has been full of family visits, which has been lovely. My brother’s family visited one weekend, then one of my aunts came to stay the following weekend. I traveled a lot in the first half of the year, and I’m so grateful to be home for a while and still get to see loved ones. We’ll get another visit over Thanksgiving. If you’re in the USA, have you made your Thanksgiving plans yet? If you’re in Canada, I hope you enjoyed a good holiday!

We didn’t buy Halloween candy until this past weekend, which was almost a smart choice. It would have been better not to buy candy until the afternoon of Halloween, since we’ve already opened the bags and started snitching. Little Miss R has decided to dress as Rosie the Riveter this year, which delighted my heart. She’s disappointed in me for not planning a costume as well, but those days were over for me quite a while ago. Unless I can be “writer in a hoodie and PJ pants,” I’m not interested.

Before the end of the year, I’ll begin an online hiatus, the details of which I’m still thinking through. For the past eight years—since October 2011, when my romance debut released—I’ve been constantly on deadline. During that time, I’ve written 20 more books. Some writers produce much more, and I’m grateful to them for creating so many of the books I love to read. For me, though, this has been a lot, especially as I deal with chronic health issues. So I’m thinking about how I can step back in some ways while I begin writing something new.

All just an FYI. I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter if you haven’t yet, as subscribers will always get the scoop whether I’m online or not. Thank you for reading! You’re wonderful. <3